Web pages performance testing

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Very often I need to test some page speed and using bunch of websites, which produce very detailed information.


Here are some of them:



This is the first one I’ve been using for a long time. Here are some of the features it supports:

  • Select location from which the tests are going to be initiated
  • Select the connection speed for the testings
  • Select number of tests – This is very nice, because you can check the differences of loading the page WITH and WITHOUT caching in effect
  • There are some other features also (which I’ve never used), and you can check them by going to the “Advanced” section
  • You can get some public/private URL’s pointing to your test results – Again very useful if you want to send this to someone

WebPageTest.org - Content Breakdown
WebPageTest.org – Content Breakdown



Here again you get plenty of performance suggestions and also the following:

  • Yslow grade
  • Timeline waterfall view
  • History chart – This is very handy and you can compare your performance results back in time with different version


Pingdom has some nice features and as far as I know it’s also used for website availability monitoring.

The tests are issued very fast compared to webpagetest.org.

Again it gives you the standard information: waterfall view, performance history, Page analysis …etc.



Google pagespeed tool is included too. Here you get your mobile version performance suggestions as a bonus.