LSI MegaCLI commands (MegaCLI cheatsheat)

Published on Author gryzli

Here I will describe frequently used by me MegaCLI commands.


Controller related info

MegaCli -AdpAllInfo -aALL
MegaCli -CfgDsply -aALL
MegaCli -AdpEventLog -GetEvents -f events.log -aALL


Physical drives info

# List all physical disks
MegaCli -pdlist -aall

# Information about phys drive: X 
MegaCli -pdInfo -PhysDrv[?:X] -aALL

# Check the rebuild status of 
# Disk "3"
MegaCli -PDRbld -ShowProg -PhysDrv [?:3] -aALL


Virtual Drive info

# Print virtual drive (VD) information
MegaCli -LDInfo -Lall -aALL