OpenSuse – Zypper usefull commands (cheat sheat)

Published on Author gryzli

Here are some useful zypper commands:


Searching Packages

[ zypper search OR zypper se]

# look for RSI also in summaries and descriptions
zypper se -dC --match-words RSI

#show all packages starting with 'yast'
zypper se 'yast*' 

#list all packages from 'upd' repository
zypper se -r upd 
#show all 'sqlite' installed packages
zypper se -i sqlite 

#list all patterns available in upd repository
zypper se -t pattern -r upd


Getting information about packages

[ zypper info OR zypper if ]

zypper info amarok
#show info for 'amarok' patch
zypper info -t patch amarok 

#same as above
zypper patch-info amarok 
#info 'lamp_server' pattern
zypper info -t pattern lamp_server 


Getting information about dependecies

[ zypper what-provides OR zypper wp ]

zypper wp firefox




Verify Depndecies


zypper verify
zypper ve


Install new recommended packages

zypper install-new-recommends
# OR
zypper inr


Reinstall Package

The reinstallation could be done, by using FORCE with install option

zypper in -f package


Update Management

# List patches
zypper list-patches
# OR
zypper lp

# Aplying patches
zypper patch

# List all patches
zypper patches

# Checking Patches
zypper patch-check
zypper pchk

# Getting info about patches
zypper patch-info
zypper info -t patch

# Packages updates
zypper list-updates 
# OR
zypper lu

zypper update
# OR
zypper up