Nagios Core + Nagios plugins basic install from source on Centos 6.x

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Download nagios core source

In my case the latest stable nagios is nagios-4.0.8

Here’s the URL:


Install some dependecy packages


Create nagios user/groups


Untar the source and install


Copy event handlers


Syntax check nagios.cfg configuration file


Create htpasswd containing access credentials

The credentials created in this step will be used to login with admin privileges in the nagios web ui.


Start Nagios / Apache and configure them to start at startup


Fix nagios.cmd permissions

This step must be executed AFTER the nagios is STARTED


Install Nagios NRPE

Current version of NRPE is 2.15.

Finally install nagios plugins


NEXT: Now you can proceed with installing nagios client:

Centos 6 – Install Nagios Client from source


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