SQL Queries – Cheat Sheat

Published on Author gryzli

Here I will write down some frequently used SQL examples , which I happen to search for again and again.


SELECT records from date column before or after a given DAYS

Select all records from a table “some_table” from MORE THANĀ 30 DAYS

select some_field from some_table where some_date <= ( CURDATE() - INTERVAL 30 DAY );






Check mysql users CPU usage

select user,cpu_time from information_schema.user_statistics order by cpu_time;


Working with Tables

Check MySQL table / tables properties

# Show properties for all tables in the current DB
show table status \G

# Show properties for just one table: some_table
show table status like 'some_table' \G


Copy / Duplicate mysql table structure

Suppose you have mysql table called “original_table” and you want to make a copy of it. Here’s the SQL needed:

CREATE TABLE copy_table LIKE original_table;


And if you like also to copy the content of the table:

INSERT copy_table SELECT FROM original_table;