Mikrotik – Mikrotik Configuring IPIP (IPv4) tunnel

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Here are the steps to create simple IPIP tunnel using Mikrotik CLI console.

In the following example I suppose the following setup:

Tunnel: IPIP

Public IP addresses:

Mikrotik public ip:

Work computer public ip:

IPIP Tunnel Internal ip addresses:

Mikrotik IPIP ip address:

Work computer IPIP ip address:


Also I suggest, that you have already configured the IPIP tunnel from the other side (the work computer)


1. Open Mikrotik console

You can do this by one of the following ways:

– Mikrotik WEB GUI — > New terminal

– Log through SSH into the Mikrotik router


2. Create the IPIP tunnel

3. Add the internal IPIP tunnel ip address


4. Finally check if the tunnel is working okay

Issue ping from the working computer, and monitor the traffic on the router:


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