Nginx – Hardening SSL security by protecting from well-known attack vectors

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Recently bunch of SSL attacks pop out, some of which get lot of public attention:

  • Heartbleed
  • Beast attack
  • Crime attack
  • Freak attack
  • Poodle
  • …..and so on ….


Disabling SSLv3 and SSLv2 and Excluding Weak Cipher-Suites


If you want to protect your Nginx from the biggest part of these attacks, you can add the following code snippet to your Nginx config:


Check Nginx configuration and restart


Protecting from Logjam and Deploying Diffie-Hellman for TLS

1. Generate Strong DH

2. Copy to nginx dir

3. Configure Nginx to use the new dhparams file


4. Check Nginx configuration and restart


External resources and Tools

Detail info on different attacks and how to protect yourself

Check if you are using weak DH and how to fix it:

Checking your overall site security:

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