Cpanel – Disable eximstats and truncate database from commandline

Published on Author gryzli

Few words about Eximstats

Eximstats is a cPanel service, which is used to gather all kind of statistics for your incoming/outgoing email correspondence.

The initial idea of such service is very nice, but after some time there arise some problems:

  • The eximstats database tends to grow enormously ( especially if you have high-volume mail traffic)
  • If your MySQL goes down, so does your email service
  • There is some serious performance penalty, while sending big amounts of emails


How to disable Eximstats

Eximstats is controlled by Tailwatchd, so you have the following choices:


  • Disable Eximstats from WHM GUI
    • Go to WHM
    • Go to Service Manager
    • Uncheck “Eximstats”
  • Disable Eximstats from command line (CLI)
    • /usr/local/cpanel/bin/tailwatchd --disable=Cpanel::TailWatch::Eximstats

Finally you could truncate all current eximstats tables with the following command:

for table in defers failures sends smtp; do mysql -e "truncate table $table" eximstats; done