Migrating from KDE to Gnome

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First Using Gnome

I was using Gnome back then, when it was version 2.x. It was extremely fast and non-problematic (at least for my use).


Going to the dark side (KDE 3.X)

Then it came the KDE, the main reason I migrated to KDE was the native usage of “Konsole” and “Klipper” .

I wanted to make some qdbus integrations with KDE in order, to be able to easily switch to my SSH sessoins inside the Konsole tool. At that time, my knowledge was able to deal only with that combination KDE+Konsole+Screen+Qdbus for controlling.


Living in HELL with KDE 5.X

Suddenly I needed to upgrade my Fedora to version 23, which comes with KDE 5.X, and that killed all my linux desktop user experience.

After this upgrade, there were “TONS” of bugs. I even read somewhere, that KDE 5.X is released officially in order the developers being able to test their BUGGY code.

It was obvious, I cannot go on with KDE, can’t take more drama of it !


The choices for me were:

  • Switching to Windows
  • Switching to MacOS
  • Trying the good old Gnome (now Gnome 3.x)


It was obvious, that the first thing I would try is switching to Gnome 3.x (this is least expensive and with as little as possible changes to the working environment).


Switching to Gnome 3.x

The current version of Gnome , which Fedora 23 ships with is Gnome 3.18

It looks nice more stable than KDE  5.x for sure.


In order to return the good functionality of my desktop, I needed to install some things and tune others little bit.


Things I have tuned up


  • Installed gnome extension “TopIcons“, which throwed up again my tray icons (as it was in old times)
  • Installed Clipit and configured it as Klipper, to open with sortcut: ctrl +alt + v
  • Installed Konsole , for now it looks better than the terminal
  • Installed Taskbar gnome extension. This gives you bottom panel with open tasks
  • Installed gnome extension “Put Windows” which gives you the ability to move windows between screens
    • Configured shortcuts from tweak settings , shift + alt + [right | left ] for switching to right/left


  • Disable auto-dimming
gconftool-2 --set --type boolean  "/apps/gnome-power-manager/backlight/enable" false
sudo -u gdm gconftool-2 --set --type boolean  "/apps/gnome-power-manager/backlight/enable" false


  • Remove bijiben , which has some search provider service, which cause high cpu
    dnf remove bijiben

Things I still can’t fix

  • Parcellite seems nice substitute to Klipper, but has some drowbacks – searching (search on type) and choosing your findingsFIX: Start using “Clipit”
  • Still can’t make ctrl+shift to work for my language changeFIX: Start using “alt+q” for language change



Usefull tools for Gnome

You can use gsettings to modify Gnome internals. It is very handy tool.