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Here are some links I labeled as “usefull” ones:

Blogs: – Nice stuff as well  – Nice blog from one of the creators of stack overflow – Good security related articles  –  Nice linux admin related articles  – A ruby guy with very interesting posts on a different topics – Very good sysadmin blog (Most of the articles are written in Bulgarian) – Nice articles – DevOP in RackSpace – Author of High Performance MySQL, some very nice articles – Linux networking  – This is the blog of Nick Craver  (Sysadmin at StackOverflow – Very nice linux/software (and not only) articles – Very good explained articles with some nice scripts – Blog of Marius Ducea, Freelance Linux Sysadmin – great posts  – Thomas A. Limoncelli – (The practice of system and network administration) .. worked for Google, ServerFault , Bell labs …etc  – Good cPanel related articles , tips and tricks  – Interesting security blog. This guy won 20 ,000$  from PornHub for hacking their website …nice  – Bash vi-like editing mode



Following a select statement through postgres internals

MySQL    – This is nice blog having high quality mysql related articles on it

BIND Server Online book


Technical Stuff    Really nice articles about software architecture  – Nice sequence diagrams – Extremely simple and usefull examples for all kind of server/distro administration

What every programmer should know about memory, Part 1

What every programmer should know about memory, Part 2 – CPU caches

What every programmer should know about memory, Part 3 – Virtual Memory


Nice stuff about web for Web Developers:


Tech Blogs Of The Big Guys   – Technical blog from CloudFlare, still very nice posts about their infrastracture

Found this nice github list of a different tech blogs.